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Can I bring alcohol to The Commons?

In 2017, the Minneapolis City Council instated a “Bring Your Own Alcohol” ordinance that allows users of The Commons to bring their own alcohol to the park during specifically designated events.

The only 'BYO Alcohol' event in 2019 is July 25 - Movie in the Park.

Bring your own alcohol ordinance

  • “Bring Your Own Alcohol” (“BYO”) is permitted only at Commons-Produced designated events (see above).
  • All other events in The Commons, including Vikings games, are NOT “Bring Your Own Alcohol” (“BYO”) events.
  • Patrons may bring their own wine, beer and cocktails, for personal consumption, or the consumption of those within the small group.
  • Patrons must follow all Rules of The Commons, as posted, and follow directions from park hosts.  
  • Patrons may not leave the park with alcohol. Open container laws apply outside park boundaries.
  • Prohibited during “BYO” events, and anytime:
    • Glass cups and glassware
    • Kegs
    • Sampling of merchandise, food or drink
    • Distribution of alcohol, whether for sale, barter or for free, as per 360.10 and 362.10
    • Consumption by minors
    • Tobacco use of any kind

Relevant ordinances: Title 17, Article II, 360.10, 362.10, 364.40, 427.410, 427.450, 427.460, 427.470